Our Bumpers

All of our bumpers have an engineered winch mount that accomodates among the largest winches on the market.
Their one piece mounting system allow an easy bolt on application with a custom fit.

Our bumpers use the highest grade A36 descaled premium steel, which means no mill scale for years of resistance against corrosion and provide the ultimate bond between the parent metal and the finishing coating. It's 3/16" inch thick to offer the greatest strength , and coupled with our Duralast paint it offers even more strength.

All Black Ops Bumpers are shipped with Duralast. We have worked with Duralast for many years to create the toughest scratch and dent resistant material. Its appearance is a rough texture with a slightly rubberized feel and its durability is beyond that of any other material used on a bumper.

Front Bumpers

A base Black Ops Bumper weighs about 180 lbs without lights and winch, depending on your application you can order the bumper with or without winch mount and light holes. As a standard the front bumper has two or four 5" light hole buckets so that any 4" round post light should work.

Rear Bumper

We precut for your OEM lights and reverse sensors, also all our rear bumpers come winch ready as well as with two 4" round light hole buckets to fit any 3" round post light.
Our Story

This company was spawned from American Ingenuity and know-how. Black Ops Bumpers is a result of a father and son's quest to build a better bumper.

They wanted a bumper that was the strongest ever built with tire cleareance that would be able to go over or through anything that stood in their way. They spent weeks designing and fabricating a bumper for their truck. When it was finished they showed some buddies their bumper and went nuts over it, in fact anyone who had seen the bumper wanted one built for their truck as well..

We are proud to be here and we are staying with good old American Ingenuity. If you choose to buy a Black Ops Bumper rest assured that a lot of sweat, tears and sleepless nights went into this product, and we will keep building new models because we have seen the junk out there and we are proud to build a bumper if you give us a chance.

Thanks to all the men and women serving in our armed forces...
.... Keep your head up and let nothing stand in your way.
At Black Ops Bumpers we are happy to help you with any questions you may have. We are available 24/7, ready to give you technical instructions or answer any sales questions you may have. Remember let nothing stand in your way!!
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