At Black Ops Bumpers, we have tested our Duralast coating to the extreme. We have beaten on it with hammer, plowed through rivers and ran it into sand piles and boulders. You can't do any of that with powdercoat or painted bumpers.

But what is Duralast anyway? Duralast is a bonding process that we spray over our bumpers, it is the toughest scratch and dent resistant material. Its appearance is a rough texture with a slightly rubberized feel. Its durability is greater than powder coat and it resembles the properties of the premium bed liners like Rhino® Linings or Line-X® linings.

Photos below show how powdercoat looks after one year. To have your bumper recoated is costly, specially if it's required every year. The reason for the high cost is that it can be labor intensive since the bumper must be removed as well as dissasembling the winch and the light from the bumper and having it powder coated. By the time you are done with the recoating process, the project can easily cost hundreds of dollars. That is why Black Ops Bumpers are an excellent choice when trying to improve the look and durability of your truck. Our bumpers come ready to install with our Duralast coating as a standard feature and under normal usage it will never need to be repainted. Duralast can be touched up on vehicle without dissasembling it in matter of hours and at a low cost. We do the job right the first time and that is why we have the best product for your truck.
If you want to paint your bumper to match your truck (or any color) you can take it to your local body shop. There they will prime it with an added flex agent then paint the color you request.
Also if you prefer a smoother look your local body shop can gently sand down the Duralast paint removing some of the texture, then paint over the Duralast paint. You want to leave the majority of the Duralast on the bumper before painting because it works as a shield from rocks therefore preventing major rock chips.
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